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We respect our customers’ privacy and comply with the new EU Data Protection Regulation which entered into force on 25 May 2018.

Information about your visit to La Licorne Beauté Website, and to our mobile service (collectively, “The Site”), is stored on your computer in the form of a cookie. A cookie is a small file that collects digital footprints about users when they travel online.

Cookies are stored on your computer, and contain an identification of the computer to The Site. The file itself does not contain information about you. Cookies are used to create as good a user experience of The Site as possible, for example by The Site being able to remember your username and let you complete a transaction.



If you want to use The Site, it is necessary that you accept cookies.

At The Site we use cookies and web beacons (“clear gif”) and pixel tags for:

      • To complete your order at The Site,
      • To register whether you as a customer / member of the club have opened an email,
      • To register your membership in the club “La Licorne Beauté & Me”,
      • To recognize you from visit to visit,
      • To collect statistics for traffic sources and visits to The Site to make it more accommodating,
      • Conducting questionnaire surveys to improve customer satisfaction,
      • To register traffic and usage patterns on The Site.


The Site uses various solutions to improve the website, and these also use cookies, web beacons and pixel tags to work. None of the solutions store personal or personally identifiable information.

According to the applicable cookie regulations, La Licorne Beauté must obtain consent for all cookies that are not technically necessary to search for and buy products on The Site. This means that you as a user give consent to the use of cookies, which are described on this page.

Here is an overview of which solutions La Licorne Beauté uses to improve the user experience and serve our customers better:

      • Necessary cookies are required for the website to provide a service that you customer or a member of the club has expressly requested. These can be cookies that are used to make a shopping cart work.
      • Web analytics cookies: To continuously improve La Licorne Beauté website, anonymised statistics are collected with a proprietary web analytics tool, which stores cookies with an anonymous, randomly generated user number. The purpose of these cookies is to count the number of visits from different browsers / computers. 
      • Online Marketing Cookies: The Site periodically runs advertising campaigns on the Internet, and these are also measured with cookies, so The Site can count the number of clicks, visits and the overall effect of advertising on the Internet. This solution sets an anonymous cookie when visiting selected places on The Site’s website, when The Site’s banners are displayed and clicked on the Internet. All data stored is anonymous. 
      • Cookies for testing different content: We want to know if the changes we make to our website actually also make it easier to be a customer and visitor. We can investigate this by letting one of the visitors see a variant of a website, while another part sees the page without changes. From this, we can with a test solution see which version of the website best meets our requirements and desires for usability. 



We hope that you will accept our use of cookies on The Site, so we can provide you with the best possible service.

If you still do not want to receive cookies, you can delete cookies in your web browser by following the instructions at the following website


Latest updated 25-11-2020