At La Licorne Beauté we always aim to do things better, no matter what we do. That is why we have chosen to design our company so we put you as the consumer in the center of attention in a unique way that benefits not only you, but also the environment around us.

So what is La Licorne Beauté?

You are in the center

We work hard every day to give you the best experience every time. At the same time we want to create a better world by protecting the environment around us.

Simple concept

Our concept is simple. You sign up for a free gift box on our website, try the products, and decide if you want to continue as a member.

Our membership

A membership gives you access to our platform with products within fashion, beauty and lifestyle from top brands for some of the lowest prices on the market.

La Licorne Beauté is so much more than a normal fashion & beauty store

Apart from our amazing products, we now also offer several incredible programs that will take your shopping to a whole other level.

How does the membership work?

At La Licorne Beauté we believe in transparency, so that means that we have no extra hidden fees or costs, just this one single payment each month.

The membership payment is now transformed into a gift card, that can be used to buy products under the club section for the exact same amount as your monthly payment. This means that you basically get your membership for free. If you don’t get to use it all one month, then don’t worry, your gift card will not expire. Furthermore, your membership gives you access to a special discount on all of our products, which makes it possible for you to buy top brands at extremely low prices.

Should you ever wish to cancel your membership with us, then you can do it at any time you want and without any problems at all. We only want happy customers in the La Licorne Beauté family, and we always do our very best to assure just that.

What can I get with a personal stylist and a personal trainer?

Whether you need help on putting together a new outfit for a special event, or just want to try something new with your old clothes, then we have your back. For a small fee you can get detailed advice from our professional stylists, no matter which styling problem you have. You can even use your monthly gift card to pay for the stylist, if you wish.

So simply just add the option of a personal stylist to your shopping basket, and we will get in touch with you in no time. You can then send a photo of the items that you need help coordinating, or you can ask for recommendations in our website. The choice is yours, and we are here to help the best that we possibly can.

For the personal trainer the concept is more or less similar. You buy the product for a small fee, and will hereafter be contacted in order to find the absolute best solutions for you regarding your health. You decide if you want to focus on exercises for workouts, diet suggestions or whatever you feel that we can help you with. The choice is yours!

Buy it. Enjoy it. Donate it. Be refunded. Repeat!

We are incredibly proud to introduce our latest addition, which is the La Licorne Beauté donation program. This is our way to help with rethinking the fast fashion industry and try to help and protect the world we live in at the same time.

The concept is quite simple. If you after 6 months or a year no longer wish to use any of your purchased products from La Licorne Beauté, then we encourage you to pay it forward by donating your clothes to a charity organisation. You need to get a receipt of the donation, which you then send to us. We will then refund you a gift card of the exact same value as your original purchase in our webpage. You can use the gift card to buy new items completely of your own choice from the webpage.

Because we do understand that people want and need new clothes, but in this way you can do something good at the same time. By using and reusing with more awareness, then hopefully we can help take away a little part of that guilty conscience of buying new clothes while creating a positive circle of recycling for all of us.


So believe in the program – be part of the movement!